A Seer's Sense and the Folly of Legacies

Grim take on Helix

Today we engaged in glorious battle, a crashing, thunderous victory that surely brought much honor to Lord Vallendar at his throne in the gilded halls of Valloria! For many days we have scoured the strange realm of my companions, searching for the one known as Helix. I still find it odd that this realm has so many small cities, rather than one grand one to honor their Vallendars with their grandeur, but I suppose that is the way of these strange humans, elves, and half-humans, as well as their dworn-who-do-not-smith.

Regardless, our hunt through the vast and empty wilderness between these human towns was fruitful today! We came across the raiding party of the one known as Helix, a fierce and mighty warrior I have twice stood against, and only once emerged victorious! I was eager to repay him for my defeat at his hands upon our last encounter, and I was overjoyed to see him and his skirmishing force arrayed against us as we entered the forests of Golarreein.

Three score, at least, they numbered, foul vicious goblins and small, but fearsome Garmr both! The goblins rode the Garmr, a feat I have never before seen accomplished, and to vicious effect! They darted across the battlefield, stinging us mighty champions of Vallendar with their tiny arrows as we hewed them down, their wolves snapping at our heels and being crushed beneath hammer and sword alike!

Helix himself seemed not to partake in the melee, though I know not why. He allowed us to fight against his raiding force without interference, and Daermathor and I eagerly waded into the melee, slaying goblins left and right! I killed perhaps five in the span of a few moments, and Daermathor slew a similar number!

I lost track of the norns in the confusion of battle, but I knew their potent magics would protect them well, for they are far more powerful than I, so I took to the skies, drawing as much of the fire from them as I could to allow them to cast their deadly magicks upon the field, and I was not disappointed! As my spear skewered goblin after goblin, launching them from their saddles, I laughed heartily, Lord Vallendar’s name oft upon my lips, and huge bursts of flame exploded, killing what goblins I could not easily reach.

We had killed perhaps half the goblins when I saw Daermathor overwhelmed by the foul brutes and their Garmr, who, for some reason, declined against using their fiery breath against us. Perhaps they worried that the forest might catch? I know not, but as I rushed to Daermathor’s aid, Helix finally entered the fray!

As before, I never saw his approach. His mastery of stealth is impressive, but Vallendar’s guiding hand brought me just outside his swing, and he appeared in front of me. I was honored to have been first targeted by him before all others, for having such a peerless warrior choose me as his first opponent speaks well of my bravery and skill in battle!

Helix and I traded blows for several moments, him easily dodging my first swings with my spear before I could draw my hammer, and me fending off his attacks with this strange leather weapon, when the world suddenly burst into bright lights and sparkles! Helix, canny fighter that he was, had thrown some odd, likely magical powder into my eyes and blinded me! I knew well his skill and precision with his weapon, so as I blinked and rubbed the powder from my eyes (I could not even feel it, so fine was it!), I flew backwards swiftly, trusting that my speed would keep him from me.

I crashed through the trees, landing heavily to the soft earth, and reopened my eyes to find that I had successfully staved Helix off with my greater speed. I saw him engaged with Daermathor just as several goblins and Garmr rushed towards me. I slew them in a few easy strokes, but not before I saw Helix fell Daermathor with a savage blow to the back of his head. He clearly should have worn a helm, as I suggested. Mine had protected me quite well thus far.

I leapt forward to engage him as more blasts of fire slew goblins around the battlefield, and saw norn Kale appear in the battlefield as his spells of invisibility ended. At the same moment, the foul goblins enacted some dark, shamanic magic to bring forth a pathway to the Fell Pits themselves! I have learned, recently, that the shimmering curtain that took me to this realm from Azrigar is known as a portal, and that others must exist. This one, indeed, led quite clearly to the Fell Pits, for I saw Scourgeborn and fiery shapes cavorting just beyond. A horde of scourgeborn vermin erupted from the portal, their reddened skin and flaming eyes a testament to their oaths of loyalty to the fallen one, Skellet. They engulfed us, swarming over each of us in turn. I was not much bothered, but I am far more inured to pain than are my companions. I saw norn Kale distracted and bitten such that he ran in circles, and the vermin swarmed over an unconscious Daermathor, laying, unconscious, in the rotting human boat within which he had engaged Helix for his last stand before being knocked unconscious.

Knowing that only Vallendar’s might could slay these foul creatures, for Vallendar is ever the greatest slayer of Scourgeborn, I called upon his aid and rent their air with his fury. Bolts of lightning shattered the sky, smiting the creatures with his wrath and destroying them all before they could further harm my companions, but the distraction caused me to lose Helix momentarily.

When I again found him, he had finally taken to attacking the norns instead of myself and Daermathor, and had bludgeoned norn Prester into unconsciousness. Norn Kale followed immediately after, and as the last of the goblins and Garmr fell to our vicious assault, only norn Carris, Daermathor, and I were left on the field of battle, as Daermathor had recovered his wits. I laughed triumphantly as Carris unleashed a spell showering the mighty helix in the same glittering dust the ferocious warrior had previously cast into my eyes, outlining him for Daermathor and I to easily see.

The two of us charged Helix, intent on defeating him before he could defeat our final norn, and thus steal our chances at victory. We pursued him around a tree, flanking him, and as Daermathor drew his attacks and was knocked unconscious, I unleashed a resounding flurry of strikes, abandoning my spear for my hammer. “FOR VALLENDAR!” I cried, my voice ringing out as cloudly as the crashing strikes of my hammer.

The hits were good, and I saw Helix stumble. Victory was mine, I was assured, for I saw norn Carris preparing another spell. Helix saw it, as well, and we both raised our weapons. He was the faster, striking me in the face with his weapon, knocking my helm to the side just before my blow landed.

My vision faded out, but I knew it was not for naught! Just as I fell towards him, I saw Carris unleash his spell, the unerring missiles of magic shooting forth for Helix as fright filled the brave warrior’s face.

I fell before the killing blow landed, but I knew I had succeeded in my charge. We had emerged triumphant, and I had given norn Carris enough time to unleash a devastating spell upon the mighty Helix.

When I came to several moments later, the battle had indeed been won. All my companions breathed still, something I have come to learn is quite good, as they do not know the location of their Altar of Valor within this realm; a destination I must discover as soon as possible. The mighty Helix and his three-score minions lay dead or routed, and we shared the spoils of an impressive victory!

I collected the belongings of the fallen, stopping only to tear out and consume the hearts of those I had vanquished, and sacrificing the most powerful among those to Lord Vallendar as thanks for his guidance in the battle.

The norns engaged in much discussion over the items that were found, with many a worried and surprised glance, but such matters are not for me. I set out to partake of fine food and drink, only to find that the Scourgeborn vermin had eaten all of the food within my pack! Fortunately, the guileless beasts had not the sense to unstopper my kegs of mead, so I partake heavily of the drink as the norns discussed our next steps.

I do not know why the norns chose to pursue Helix, as I have been told that glorious battle and combat are not valued in this realm, but I am glad they did. Helix was a worthy foe, the battle was, indeed, glorious, and his heart and his battle prowess now gird my own skills, and I am the better for it. The norns speak, now, of returning to the dried-river, a place I much desire to visit, as there was talk of a Norsach Serpent there, and I must bathe my hammer within its lifeblood to further empower the soul of the other me that resides within it.

It shall be a gloriously epic battle, I am certain of it! Never before have I been a part of a skirmishing group with so many norn! I feel that we are truly blessed by Vallendar, and none can stand before us when our full might is turned upon them!

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